10-11 April 2018 
Santa Clara

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Who Should Attend

The Wearable Disrupt Main Stage addresses the big themes and innovations taking place in wearable technology and connected devices.The keynote stage is free to attend and open to delegates who want to understand the current landscape for wearables and where they are headed.Ideal for - C Level executives, Senior IT Decision Makers, Industry leaders, Distributors, Retailers, Investors, Start ups, Developers, Press

What You Will Hear

The Disrupt Main Stage is the ideal platform for global brands to present their strategy, latest product announcements and vision for a wearable & connected future. It offers two days of insights, product previews and the very latest advances in technology, presented by some of the leading thinkers in the field of connected devices. This is a unique opportunity to hear from innovators and leading companies from around the globe.

Themes: Wearables Future of, Brands, Fitness Wearables, AR & VR, Innovations, Wearable Risk, Immersive Video, Security, Education, Botnets
Track Host: Address & Welcome
Keynote: Where Are Wearables Headed?
Keynote: Wearables: The Brand Discussion
Are wearables little more than a novelty who often fail to deliver? What’s the importance of a brand name behind the product and how vital is it for mass adoption?
Keynote: Fitness wearables - The Right Metrics to Keep People Engaged

Charlie Isaacs, VP, Salesforce

Keynote: What are the Opportunities in Hardware in the AR/VR/MR Space?
Keynote: Whose Innovative Wearable Technology is at the Top?
Creativity, collaboration, adoption, market need, valued invention, comfort, maintenance, modular and durable.

An industry expert shares how you get your product to the top.
10:55am Break
Keynote Panel: The New Wave of Wearable Risk
The main concerns with wearables isn’t just management or security but our ability as humans to multitask.

Our panel discuss the pros and cons of wearable technology and although they enhance our lives are we aware of the risks?
How to Make the Future Even Brighter for Wearable Tech
Companies previously have found getting wearables ‘right’ sometimes a challenge and despite the public’s interest in wearable technology some products are worn then left in a drawer forgotten.

What more needs to be done to ensure some wearable products survive into 2018 and beyond?
12:05pm Lunch
Keynote: Interactive Immersive Videos - The Best (and worst) of the Industry
Emergent narrative’ in VR, the ability to shape the story by where the viewer looks at it as it unfolds.

An expert discusses the development of this narrative.
Securing Wearable Data
In today’s world, information security is a nice impossibility. It’s more a matter of how sensitive the data is made and where it’s stored. The question is will consumers pay for insights based on wearables’ data and how secure is this information?

- What makes it worth the revenue?
- framework for this sort of insight
Case Studies: Wearable Tech in Education
Wearable technology is taking the education industry by storm, with technology solutions for education filling the classroom.

Our presenters showcase how using wearable tech can help revolutionise the teaching industry.

- Uses of wearable tech in the classroom
- Potential applications
- Costs Using VR
3:30pm Break
Future Uses of AR and VR
AR and VR is widely associated with gaming, but the future uses are now more exciting than ever. VR and AR is disrupting the amusement, museum and theme park environments and impacting excursions and tour’s whilst also transforming hotels and resort experiences.

Our panel share these alongside other unusual and upcoming uses of AR and VR.

- Business problems / challenges best solved using AR
- Positive impacts and market potential
- Next major advancements in the Tech world
Closing Keynote: Botnets of Things
The relentless push to add connectivity to home gadgets is creating dangerous side effects – now the problem is getting worse.

Are hackers – the only problem, this session considers the best defence methods.
Show Closes
Track Host: Joshua Flood, Senior Research Consultant, Valour Consultancy
Conference Welcome & Opening Remarks
Keynote Address: Wearable - Your Personal Wallet, as Easy as A-B-C
Millions of people are already using contactless infrastructure for payments, transport, access and many more secure transactions; all based on the contactless cards we carry in our wallets. Mobile phones, thanks to NFC, start to provide solutions for payments, though the industry has taken a while to get there. What if we can bring in a disruptive approach? A simple wearable device performs as a secure application container hosting, not only your payment cards but also your transport and any others. This Keynote will address the vision of the personal virtual wallet, allowing any service provider irrespective of size to deploy their applications in a mobile form.

Pedro Martinez, Business Development, NXP Semiconductors

Keynote Address - Opportunities with Microsoft
During this keynote Ruud will connect the vision of Microsoft with the opportunity it brings in volume of devices. What does this mean for you as the interested party in Wearable Technology and why should you start to dig in now?

Ruud De Jonge, Director ISV Business Development & Evangelism, Microsoft

Touching Lives with Wearable Technology
Continuous monitoring focuses on the vital signs, sport, training service, identity authentication and detect invasion. Our experts discuss how to detect; ECG, breathing, gait analysis, body temperature, posture and medical health whilst ultimately looking at how bionics and other body medical innovations are helping to revolutionise lives.

Jens Krauss, Vice President Systems, CSEM

Charles Lowe, CEO, Digital Health & Care Alliance

Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO and Co-founder, Pryv

Alex Russell, VP Business Development, Gait Up SA

11:00am Break
Keynote Address: Chemical and Biological Sensing in Wearable Formats
Existing and emerging applications of wearable sensors demand reliable, unobtrusive, and affordable sensors for diverse physical, chemical and biological parameters. At present, the range of reliably measured parameters is fairly limited and users demand the performance of wearable sensors to be comparable with established sensors.In this Keynote GE will discuss:
  • Developing a new generation of chemical/wearable sensors - bridging the gap between existing and required capabilities
  • Designing new sensors to reliably measure environmental parameters and provide accurate performance in the presence of chemical and physical interferences
  • Examples of sensors for detection of urban odours, environmental pollutants, and chemical/biological toxins

Radislav A. Potyrailo, Principal Scientist, GE Global Research Centre

Out of Sight – Into Beauty - The New Generation of Wearables
Implantables, Ingestibles and Hearables. Our experts look at what the next generation of wearables do to move themselves into the technology mainstream and ultimately how do wearables integrate deeper with life and our culture?

Jacqueline Cooper, VP Marketing, Interaxon

Christian Lindholm, CEO & Co-Founder, Korulab

Ralf G.J. Knoll, CEO and Founder, INOPTEC

Bernhard Wirtz, Smart Devices Innovation, Swarovski

12:30pm LUNCH

Track Host: Harry Wang, Director, Health & Mobile Product Research
Keynote Address: The Misfit Story: Lessons From 3 Start-ups Over 25 Years
Started in 2011, Misfit has grown from a Silicon Valley wearables start-up to the technology and innovation engine of a fashion/design company. During the talk, Wallace Wu from Misfit, shares his entrepreneur learning about building versatile teams and products in wearables space.

Wallace Wu, Vice President of Software Products and IoT, Misfit Wearables

Wearables at Work
Consumer markets have long been a target for wearable technology vendors. Business opportunities though abound, and our panel of experts will look at what wearables can do in the enterprise and what solutions are on offer.

Erik Jacobson, Accenture Wearable Technology Practice, European Lead

Valerie Riffaud-Cangelosi, EMEA New Market Development Manager, Epson

Jari Inget, Product Manager of Bittium's IoT Solutions, Bittium

Ostap Andrusiv, Application Architect, R&D, Eleks

Keynote Address: Samsung Semiconductors, Ushering in the New Way for Wearables
Wearable device developers need to find a way to convince customers that their device is a necessity for everyday living. The old way resulted in consumers laying to rest the majority of wearable devices because they weren’t “necessary enough”. Would you go back and get your wearable if you left it at home? Samsung Semiconductor Europe will introduce a range of new wearable technology platforms that deliver the performance and feature sets needed to turn “wearables” into “unforgettables”.
At the heart of “unforgettables”:
Health & Wellbeing - moving from simple step counters and heart rate monitors to provide a detailed overview of your health status, giving advice to change habits and behaviours improving health & wellbeing
Payment Technologies - moving from simple closed loop schemes to open platforms allowing the flexibility that consumers desire, making the wearable valuable, with security at the heart of every solution

Ash Sethi, Business Development Manager, Samsung Semiconductors

Wearable Wellbeing
This panel will look at the current wearable’s and digital apps in healthcare and whether wearable technology is here to stay when it comes to health and wellbeing?

Udo Szabo, VP Product, Beddit

Ruth Thomson, Head of Consumer Product Development, Cambridge Consultants

Dr Ulf Blanke,Co-Founder at Antavi and Senior Scientist at the Wearable Computing Lab, ETH-Zürich

Michael Morgan-Curran, International Sales Director, AliveCor

3:30pm Break
Switched Reality
One of the biggest side-effects of networked technology is that it shifts or rather flips the roles and powers of stakeholders involved. These are the things that have turned music listeners into music creators and music creators into music publishers. How can we use this principle of re-wiring every aspect of an industry, that we saw happening in the digital and entertainment industry and apply it to better see, where industries like automotive, finance, insurance and healthcare could go?

Marcus Kirsch, Creative Strategy Consultant, Resonance Design

Closing Keynote: Wearable Trends the Future Outlook of the Evolving Market

Francisco Jeronimo, Research Director, European Mobile Devices, IDC EMEA

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